When you allow yourself to think outside-the-box when developing the look you want for your boudoir session, the possibilities are limitless! For this session, we started with a ‘sexy housewife’ feel. As always, the session included hair and makeup. The first part of the session, we added rollers to her hair. Not something typically used for a boudoir session…BUT….it so worked with this one! Dressed in her lingerie, she hung out her delicates on the clothesline to dry. Hair and clothing were then changed for the second part of the session for an urban grunge feel around abandoned buildings.

Boudoir photography doesn’t necessarily have to occur in a studio or a hotel room…thing beyond and create your own look! Themed boudoir sessions are fun, sexy and creative! Why not capture your inner, provocative, sexy self in a creative way that will put a devilish smile on your face and make him fall off his chair!!!

For all the weddings I’m photographing this summer/fall in Colorado, I’ve offered them a free destination engagement session on the beautiful Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres. Although all of them want to come to Mexico (especially when the weather is cold in Colorado) most just can’t swing it. But, Heather and Greg took me up on it!!! The day of their session was perhaps the windiest day that I have yet experienced on the island. It was also not the usual sunny day. Although my camera wasn’t too happy about being sand-blasted, I was thrilled to have the entire beach to ourselves! Plus, the waves were crashing pretty good….an unusual thing for Playa Norte. The sky was this deep, stormy blue which made for some dramatic shots. The weather set in pretty good, so we got together the next day to finish our session. It was so great to see Heather again and to meet her wonderful man, Greg! I cannot wait until August for their wedding at Cherokee Ranch!! For those who follow my blog, you may want to check out my destination wedding website to see what I’ve been up to all winter!

Girl hugging snowman

I love photographing children and families in the winter, especially at a wonderful natural, outdoor setting. Tall, native grasses blanketed by snow combined with a fun and loving family, what can be better! The light during this time of the day and year is so soft, so inviting. It’s almost magical! Building a snowman and having a snowball fight…oh, and eating snow too…is so much fun. The other day, I met up with the Eisner family for their yearly family photo session. We were going to do it in the fall, but for various reasons we weren’t able to. Actually, I’m happy because our winter photo session at the park was better!!!

Girl making snowman
Parents swinging daughter
Girl holding stick
Girl holding stick
Father kissing daughter
Mother smiling and holding daughter
Family making snowman
Girl playing peek a boo in field
Parents holding daughter in field
Girl holding onto fence in field
Parents kissing and holding daughter
Girl holding up hands in field in black and white
Girl climbing fence
Girl climbing on rock in winter
Family standing next to stream
Parents holding and looking at daughter
Parents swinging daugher
Family sitting on rock
Girl holding stick in black and white

Bride and groom kissing with full moon
Groom and guys at beach
Short wedding dress and shoes
Flower girl laughing
Daughter helping father dress for wedding
Wedding flowers on Mayan statute
Wedding rings on beach shells
Daughter helping mother dress for wedding
Bride and flower girl in black and white
Isla Mujeres wedding setup
Wedding details in Mexico
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla mujeres wedding
Isla Mujures wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Mexico destination wedding
Isla Mujeres wedding
Bride groom and flower girl on beach
Groom carrying bride on shoulder
Wedding party throwing flowers in ocean
Bride groom kissing on beach
Family wedding photos on beach
Wedding guests on beach
Bride groom kissing on beach
Bride on beach
Bride groom on beach
Groom kissing bride on beach
Bride and groom with daughter flower girl
Bride and groom on beach kissing
Bride and groom on beach
Bride groom on beach laughing
Casa Ixchel wedding setup
Wedding cake purple yellow
Bride groom in palm trees
Bride and groom kissing at sunset on beach

Madelyne and Jeff have a true and incredible love story. They were high school sweethearts, but went their own ways for years. Then one day, on Madelyne’s birthday, Jeff sent her a Facebook message which went something like this: “I have never forgotten you and will never meet anyone like you. We are meant to be together.” Well that message reunited them and a few days ago I had the incredible honor of photographing their destination Mexico wedding on Isla Mujeres. They were married at Casa Ixchel, a boutique hotel on Isla Mujeres with an incredible energy. This intimate space overlooking the Caribbean blue waters is a place to relax, recharge and get married to the love of your life!

Madelyne and Jeff choose to share their vows on the day the moon was full…and oh what a moon they had!!! I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!

Destination Wedding Venue: Casa Ixchel  |  Wedding Coordinator/Officiant: Sabina Tamm, Sundreamers Weddings  |  Hair/Makeup: Tania Tagle |  Photography: Susan Pacek Photography

Bride and Groom kissing overlooking ocean

Tabatha and Trevor first visited Isla Mujeres three years ago and have been coming back to the island each year since. So when they got engaged, having a destination wedding on this tiny, beautiful island in Mexico was a given. Tabatha and Trevor tied the knot on the beach at sunset at Privilege Aluxes. It was a wonderful wedding and although the sky was a bit threatening, it never did rain but instead offered up the most incredible sunset full of color…just awe inspiring!

A few days after their wedding, I joined up with Tabatha and Trevor again for an Isla Photo Tour taking photos around the island and having a great time laughing and getting to know each other better. They are such a cute couple and I’m so excited for them both!

Wedding Venue: Privilege Aluxes | Hair/Makeup: Mi Secreto | Photography: Susan Pacek Photography

Bride groom standing on volcanic seawalk in Mexico
Bride groom kissing with ocean behind them
Wedding rings on coconut in sand
Wedding details in pink
Bride looking in mirror
Wedding details in pink
Bride getting ready with bridesmaids in pink
Groomsmen drinking bear in pink ties
Groomsmen cheering with Mexican beer
Bride and Bridesmaids in pink
Bride groom getting married on beach on Isla Mujeres
Bride and groom walking down aisle on beach
Wedding party on dock in pink in Mexico
Groom kissing bride while sitting in sand
Bride groom standing on beach
Bride groom kissing under palm trees
Bride groom standing in front of wall mural
Bride standing next to red sculpture
Bride groom standing on volcanic seawalk in Mexico
All wedding guests at beach wedding
Bride groom and family at sunset in sand
Bride groom on beach at sunset
Best man toast in Mexico
Bride groom cutting cake in Mexico

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